Leader in Fabricating & Erecting Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metals

Rens Welding & Fabricating, Inc.

The Tough Job Specialists

Since 1988, Rens Welding & Fabricating has been a leader in Fabricating and Erecting Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals.  Our teams of professional employees work diligently to ensure our commitments and quality is met and customer service remains the top priority.  Maintaining the quality and workmanship in our products and services is a time-tested philosophy that is practiced daily.  Our clients demand this philosophy, in their pursuit of excellence throughout their construction endeavors.  

The new millennium commands a new level of safety, quality, innovation, value engineering and logistics planning.  Rens Welding & Fabricating accepts this challenge and brings it to the forefront to ensure industry relationships and partnerships are enhanced, value-added changes are implemented, and the professional attitude is put back in the word, “Professional”.